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Security professionals

Exclusive concierge service and luxury automobile rental with maximum discretion.

Who We Are

AL.MA. Security operates in the security sector, in concierge and in the rental of exclusive vehicles. Within just a few years it has acquired over 200 clients, thanks to an impeccable service in every respect. Through the experience of its operators, who guarantee clients professionalism, security and courtesy, AL.MA security has quickly carved out a role as a leader of its class.

Our services

Our staff is able to operate in any environment. Security comes from experience.


With us, public and private events are spent with no surprises, given our experience in the management of any problem or situation.


Courtesy and security. AlmaSecurity gives the best welcome to your clients and resolves quickly and with experience any surprise or unexpected.


Spend unforgettable moments on board our luxury automobiles. Drive an extraordinary super car or experience the city accompanied by one of our chauffeurs.


The professionalism of our operators is valued by VIPs and other prominent figures, who choose to protect their privacy.


The security and tranquility of our customers is our business. We protect confidentiality and ensure the smooth running of any event.
  • Reception
  • Switchboard
  • Trusted concierge
  • Client service
  • Conference hosting
  • Invitations control
  • Inflow monitoring
  • Transennature events
  • Parking control
  • Courtesy
  • Seaside surveillance
  • Guardian services
  • Stewart hall
  • Airport transfer


Experience the excitement of moving on board a luxury automobile accompanied by security professionals.


For those who love elegance and doing things in style, our Lincoln limousine is a timeless classic. Exclusive and elegant outside, spacious and sophisticated inside. Ideal for weddings, with our dedicated service to provide a touch of elegance to your important day.


Large on the outside, enormous on the inside! Our Hummer is ideal for celebrating bachelor/bachelorette parties, an 18th birthday, or to arrive at a party as players. You must think only about having an unforgettable evening. Leave the rest to us, from the driver to the chosen location.


If you love being unique, choose something unique. Such as the exclusive Excursion limousine, the only one in Italy. With 12 meters of pure enjoyment, the party is already on board. The interior is an exclusive private room equipped with everything you need to experience an unforgettable celebration.


We always accompany our security with courtesy toward our clients and the people we work with.
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